If you have been following this discussion you are now in position to understand two compelling concepts of aging explained by the free radical theory of aging. The first is why children have so much energy and do not start to show the negative effects of age until about 30-40 years of age.

The second is a scientifically proven fact of which you are probably unaware. Repeatedly it has been proven with well controlled scientific animal studies that eating less food prolongs life. Using mice if you split them into two groups and let one group of mice eat a well balanced diet but any amount that they want, and feed the other group of mice the same diet but restrict the amount of daily calories with all other conditions otherwise identical the mice
eating less food always live on average 25 % to 40% longer life spans !!!

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Why? The Free Radical theory of aging explains this perfectly The more you eat the more Krebs cycles your body cells have to run through to process the food..

The more Kreb’s cycles the more free radicals are spinning off with its attendant DNA damage. As you damage DNA eventually you damage enough that a “critical mass” of DNA damage is reached. Then
the energy making capacity of your tissue’s cell population diminishes to the point of dysfunction, disease then death of the organism itself – http://antiagingeyecreamreview.wordpress.com

Another compelling insight that this Free Radical -DNA damage connection explains is the pattern of aging that we observe in ourselves. Did you ever notice that when you were young you could get away abusing your body in ways you’d never think to do as an older adult.


Young people and kids seem to have endless energy and
ability to withstand stress of activities that as we get older, very difficult for us to withstand comfortably. Some examples include drinking alcohol, partying all night, overeating, running around all day
and into the evening non-stop, etc. The reason for this is explained by free radical ? DNA damage connection.
We are born with so much DNA that for the first twenty to 25 years of life that the DNA damage that we do as children and young adults is not manifest in our physical appearance or our energy levels. We have so much extra DNA at that time that the undamaged pool of DNA performs all the cellular functions including coding for catalytic enzymes of the Kreb’s cycle with great efficiency.

We also have enough DNA to code for all the other used up biological molecules our body cell?s need quickly and efficiently. One night of rest and a young person is ready to go again. Yet this circumstance changes drastically when we reach a ” critical mass ” of DNA damage. When this “critical mass ” is reached we no longer have sufficient undamaged DNA in our mitochondria to produce enough energy to efficiently keep up with the demand of the cells when we are in a
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Early on in the aging process we have enough undamaged DNA can
keep up with our cell’s energy demands when they are not at their peak performance levels. But the more of our pool of DNA becomes damaged as we age from free radical damage we lose the ability to produce energy efficiently even at rest. This is when you really know you?re getting old !

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